11 Great Camping Spots Near Toronto

Canada has the best camping in the world. It’s indisputable. But with so much ground to cover, (it’s a pretty big country, if you haven’t noticed) picking the best spot can make for a tough decision. That’s why you’re here. Hi! To help narrow it down for you, and as a bonus keep it close to […]

Does the Honda Civic have a backup camera, and 9 more Civic FAQ answered
Honda Civic Logo

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars on the market, and there are many, many variants, model-years and body style to choose from if you are interested in buying one. So there’s a lot to consider right off the bat. But more than that, a car this popular comes with a lot […]

6 ways to get involved in the Honda enthusiast community in the GTA

For some, a car is a means of transport. It takes them from where they are to where they need to be and that’s it. For others, however, a car is so much more than that. For some it’s a hobby, a passion, a lifestyle. It’s an entry point into a sport, access to a […]

8 things your car needs done this spring
Honda spring cleaning

Go outside and take a look at your trusty Honda (it’s okay, we’ll wait). Does it look tired? Was winter not especially kind to it? For some, inevitably, this will be the case. Yes, for some, the interior will be full of stuff that may have been useful when there was a foot of snow […]

Meet our Sales & Leasing Consultant Shamar Walker, self-proclaimed Honda fanatic
Shamar Walker

 Shamar Walker is clear: he is not a salesman. And while his title is, Sales & Leasing Consultant, he insists. Not a salesman. “I don’t sell Hondas, they sell themselves,” he says. “I just make sure I help you buy the perfect one for you and your family needs.” Shamar has been a Honda enthusiast […]

The 2017 Honda Civic Si the feisty Japanese bruiser you’ve been waiting for

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R might be getting all the attention lately, but let’s not forget that while this 306-horsepower riot on four wheels is Honda’s latest addition into the sport compact segment, it isn’t its only one. For more than 30 years, the Civic Si has been sold in North America as a […]

2017 Honda Type R – the extreme hatchback of our dreams
The Honda Civic Type R

Prepare to nerd out, Honda lovers. The Honda Civic Type R is gaining new ground for its badge this spring as it lands for the first time ever on North American soil. Those who celebrated the North American rebirth of the Honda Civic hatchback last year may care to take a minute here to realize […]

2018 Odyssey – Best Honda Minivan Ever Built?
2018 Odyssey

With the 2018 Odyssey, Honda has pulled out all the stops to design a next-generation vehicle that delivers all of the family-friendly features you would want in a minivan while still managing to look elegant and sophisticated. Very few other minivans manage to straddle family-friendliness and sophistication as successfully. Take a look at what this […]

Minivan vs. SUV – The Showdown
Minivan vs. SUV

With so many models to choose from, buying a new vehicle can be a difficult decision at any stage of your life. When you have kids that decision can become even more challenging. You want a car that is spacious enough and practical for your lifestyle. It needs to be able to hold your toddler’s […]

Why Honda Models Have Great Resale Values
Honda Resale Values

Resale value may not be the first thought that comes to mind for most people when considering which vehicle to buy. However, if you prefer changing your vehicle every few years or your circumstances are likely to change in the short term, then it is something to consider. For example, your need of the hour […]

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