8 ways to make your car more fuel efficient
2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Every day it gets a little bit easier to live a more environmentally friendly life. From the way we shop for groceries to the way we recycle to the way we get from A to B, it’s all moving in one direction. Less waste and more efficiency. We believe everyone should embrace this earth-friendly trend […]

Honda vehicles that are made in Canada

The international political climate is currently ripe for buying products that have been built right here in Canada. This might be all well and good when talking about food and clothes, but it gets harder when talking about larger-ticket purchases, like cars, for example. And Canada doesn’t have its own automotive manufacturer (RIP Bricklin), so […]

Fast facts on the 2018 Honda Indy Toronto
Honda Indy Fast Facts

Image via Instagram/@hondaindy.  The motorsports world will descend upon downtown Toronto this weekend for the 32nd annual Honda Indy Toronto. In addition to the racing action, Toronto’s Exhibition Place will also play host to food trucks, a beer garden and many other activations and displays. Here are a few of the faces, races and places […]

The Internet wishes this Honda Civic Type R pickup-truck was actually going into production

Images via Honda UK.  Most enthusiasts look at the Honda Civic Type R and see everything they ever wanted out of a compact performance car: smart use of space, great bang for your buck, unique looks and a motorsport-inspired driving experience. For some British Honda lovers, however, that wasn’t quite enough. We imagine the thought […]

11 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Car

There’s something magical about that first car. It brings with it a new level of freedom. The freedom to go where you want, when you want. And if you choose wisely, the process of purchasing your first car can also be rewarding. But it’s a big industry with a lot of history, and if you […]

10 tips for car camping
Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 8.12.02 AM

May Long weekend is a big deal across Canada, but nowhere more so than in Ontario. It unofficially marks a change in season, when the most populace province in the nation simultaneously shakes off the remaining winter frost from the tarps and tents and heads out to their favourite camping spot for the first time […]

Is the Honda Accord AWD? That and other Honda Accord FAQ answered.

Once again, the Honda Accord reaps one of the highest awards of the automotive world. This time, the sedan received the title of North American Car of The Year, which is awarded by a panel of judges made of independent car journalists. Maybe this coveted award was the last incentive you needed to finally consider […]

Which earth-friendly Honda is the right option for you?
2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell, EV… There are many different approaches to the whole “green car” philosophy. Some manufacturers fully commit to one specific technology, but Honda decided to develop different techs at the same time. There is a green Honda ideal for your needs, you just need to figure out which one… and know […]

Unique Honda vehicles from around the world

Honda has a complete lineup of vehicles in Canada. From the small city-dwelling Fit to the seven-passenger, all-terrain Pilot, there’s a Honda that will fit your needs (pun very much intended). But around the world, the realities of the various markets—climate, people, roads, laws—are different from what we Canadians know. So, Honda offers different models […]

Five reasons why you should buy a Honda Clarity right now
2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

While many manufacturers have only recently begun getting into the fuel-efficient vehicle segment, Honda has been at it for quite a while; the Japanese automaker pretty much made its reputation on the affordability of the Civic, the CRX and the Accord, among others. Nowadays, Honda has diversified its efficient offerings. Yes, they still offer light […]

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