If back to school has you dreading the details of getting child A from location B to C with the band equipment while child B gets from location A to D with the hockey gear, well, you’re not alone. Life is complicated, especially around the beginning of September.

The Civic hatchback, CR-V or Pilot do an admirable job of hauling around the fam, but there is one vehicle in Honda’s lineup that has been built from the ground-up to excel at this job: the Odyssey. It is, simply, the most logical choice to ferry the little ones around.

Why? Here are seven reasons.

Safety first

ABS. EBD. CMBS. FCW. LDW. RDM. VSA. That’s only a few of the acronyms used to name the many safety features in the 2018 Odyssey. We could spend most of this text talking about the multiple ways Honda’s engineers worked to make the minivan the safest choice out there for families, but just know this: the Odyssey will keep you and your families safe in the event of an accident.


Tow a boat or trailer

With the proper equipment, the 2018 Odyssey can tow up to 1,360 kg. That’s enough for a small trailer or even a boat.

Move furniture with it

When it’s time to help guide one of your fledglings from the next, be ready. The Odyssey’s flat floor and high make it perfect for hauling that big wardrobe you found at the thrift store.


Easy access

This is probably the biggest reason you would consider a minivan; with a pair of electrically-operated side doors and an available electric rear hatch, it’s easy to load kids, equipment, pets, whatever your family needs, into the 2018 Odyssey. Take a tour:


Shopping-spree approved

With interior space of up to 168 cubic feet, the 2018 Odyssey can swallow anything you put on its plate. A last-minute trip to the store because your Holiday tree lost its luster last year? No problem. Those eight large boxes of vinyl that were just too cheap to NOT buy? It’ll fit.

Ready for the open road

The Odyssey can sit up to eight people with lots of room left for pets, toys, whatever; or five people and enough room at the back for weeks of luggage.

Built in vacuum

The HondaVAC in-car vacuum makes quick work of the messes that will inevitably happen when kids are cooped up for more than a few minutes.


Rolling movie theatre

If “relaxing” and “family time” sound like contradictions to you, may we suggest using the available 10.2-inch entertainment system on your next outing? It has Blu-Ray capabilities and embedded media apps, the perfect digital babysitter. Go ahead and put a show on while you’re at home and have the whole house to yourself.