Go outside and take a look at your trusty Honda (it’s okay, we’ll wait). Does it look tired? Was winter not especially kind to it? For some, inevitably, this will be the case.

Yes, for some, the interior will be full of stuff that may have been useful when there was a foot of snow on the ground but is now uselessly taking up space. There will be a thick crust of salt over the carpet, the steel wheels ruining the exterior’s look and the original colour looking more ‘matte’ than it once did.

For some, it’s time for a good spring cleaning!

But while most of the stuff you have to do is pretty obvious (empty the trunk, clean up the carpet, pass through the car wash a few times…), there are other maintenance items and checkups that you can do this spring to keep your Honda happy for another summer. We compiled eight things that you may want to do to your car this spring. These should give you a good idea where to start

Make sure all summer-related equipment works.

Over the winter, some of your car’s equipment may have given up the ghost without you knowing it. For example, when is the last time you turned on the A/C? If the compressor failed in November or a pinhole leak developed over time, you probably won’t know about it until the first heat wave. Oh, and the same goes for the sunroof and the rear windows: make sure they properly open and close. If they don’t, have them checked out during your next service.

Install new wiper blades.

This one is pretty straightforward: using summer wiper blades will not only ensure you can see clearly during those downpours, but they also look much better than those clunky winter units.

Change the tires.

While you are scheduling your spring oil change, why not have your winter tires swapped for all-seasons (or high-performance summer shoes… that’s up to you)?

Repair the broken bits.

During the colder months, your Honda may have suffered some injuries. Maybe somebody backed into you in a parking lot and what would have been a small scratch in June developed into a broken bumper in the meantime, or you may have hit a snow bank that fractured a reflector lens. Now that the sun has returned, visually inspect your vehicle to make sure nothing is missing or broken.

Get it detailed.

Sure, you could spend a full afternoon cleaning, polishing and waxing every single exterior panel, but there are professionals that will happily do that for you. So why not treat your car to a spa day?

Change the oil.

You should change your oil every 6 months or 10,000 km, so making a habit of bringing in your car for a service every spring and fall is a good idea. Not only will the technicians change your engine’s lubricating fluid, but they will also check the levels of other liquids under the hood as well as make sure everything works as it should.

Change your filters.

Apart from the obvious engine air filter, you should make sure your cabin air filter isn’t clogged full of dirt. It can diminish your ventilation system’s performance, and in some cases, put additional stress on the fan motor.

Remove the rubber mats.

Those large mats are pretty useful to catch snow and salt over the winter, but now they are just taking up some valuable space in your foot well. Take them out, rinse them with the garden hose, allow them to dry up and store them somewhere safe.