Honda’s Autonomous Work Vehicle heads to CES
Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle is a prototype off-road vehicle that is a combination of Honda’s all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and emerging advanced autonomous technology. It was designed by Honda R&D Americas to bring efficiencies and increased safety to public, commercial, and consumer enterprises, such as construction, agriculture, search and rescue and firefighting.

Honda’s new autonomous concept set will make its public debut at Las Vegas, at CES, one of the largest innovation conventions of the year, and it could very well revolutionize entire industries. For years now, a debate regarding autonomous vehicles has been splitting the internet down the middle. A lot of people view autonomous cars […]

Honda’s world gets a bit bigger with the new Passport
2019 Honda Passport

Naming a vehicle after a travel document can be a bit of a gamble. After all, Passports enable us to travel everywhere freely and are the ultimate proof of citizenship. Luckily, the new Honda Passport lives up to its name completely. For starters, it’s a mid-size crossover capable of taking you just about anywhere and […]

The evolution of the winter tire

Winter has officially arrived, and with it the most complicated driving season of all. And since struggling to control a vehicle in ice or snow is not anyone’s cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte, Canadians know that winter tires are critical this time of year. While summer and all-season tires work great on paved roads, they […]

This open air Honda vehicle concept was at 2018 SEMA Show
Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept for 2018 SEMA Show

Most of us love roller coasters. They’re exciting and get the adrenaline pumping. But what if you want to experience that same thrill, but also be in control of it? Well, naturally, you’re looking at some sort of a motorized vehicle. Road cars are out since roads have laws we have to adhere to, which […]

How to reset the maintenance required light? That and other Honda Service FAQ questions answered

Another year, and yet another award for the class-leading Honda Accord. Much to the surprise of no one, Honda managed to clinch Car and Driver’s 10Best award for the 32nd time in a row, as well as earn this year’s North American Car of the Year Award. As coveted and popular as the Honda Accord […]

The 2019 Honda Civic Gets an Update – Here’s What’s New
2019 Honda Civic Coupe

The Honda Civic has always been a popular choice when comparing the many options available in the highly competitive compact vehicle segment. It offers a mixture of sleek, sophisticated styling and an assortment of modern technology and safety features that make it a simple choice for many. It’s no wonder that Honda decided to bring […]

Six ways to ready your car for back-to-school season

It has arrived. That time of year students celebrate and children dread. Back. To. School. Are you ready? Regardless of how you feel about the sound of the looming toll of the bell, it’s time to prepare yourself, gathers supplies and soak in the summer moments. And while you’re getting your life ready for the […]

What’s new with the 2019 Honda HR-V?
2019 HR-V

The Honda HR-V has been a runaway success ever since it was launched in North America. Its small size, high riding height and fuel-efficient engine made it an instant darling amongst car shoppers. But, since the second-generation HR-V was launched in 2016, it is now due for some upgrades to keep it relevant in today’s […]

8 ways to make your car more fuel efficient
2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Every day it gets a little bit easier to live a more environmentally friendly life. From the way we shop for groceries to the way we recycle to the way we get from A to B, it’s all moving in one direction. Less waste and more efficiency. We believe everyone should embrace this earth-friendly trend […]

Honda vehicles that are made in Canada

The international political climate is currently ripe for buying products that have been built right here in Canada. This might be all well and good when talking about food and clothes, but it gets harder when talking about larger-ticket purchases, like cars, for example. And Canada doesn’t have its own automotive manufacturer (RIP Bricklin), so […]

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