Take the Honda out for a little drive to one of these scenic, epically autumnal locations.

Ontario puts on a spectacular show in the fall, with many deciduous forests and trees exploding into a mosaic of yellows, reds, browns, and every colour in between. Yes, fall in Central Canada is a colourful affair, and we wholeheartedly endorse the getting out and exploring of it.

You could lace up your hikers and head out on one of the many trails, or you could drive to one of these spots and watch the kaleidoscope of colours stream by from the comfort of the inside of your Honda.

In any case, here are the some great places to check out the fall foliage in Ontario.

Don Valley Parkway, Toronto

Ah, the good old DVP. If you’ve ever been a commuter on this stretch of highway, you may have lost appreciation for it. But the DVP is actually a great little drive, pretty much right in the heart of Toronto. The dense forests and river valley on the sides, along with the sloping, gentle turns of the road, make this one of the best routes to take in the fall.


Tourist trap? Maybe, but for good reason. This place is beautiful. And if you’re looking to get your fall colour fix with a little less nature and a little more, say, wine, then ‘The Loveliest Town in Canada’ is perfect. Shoot out on the highway in the morning, brunch in the town centre, and then tour through the vineyards to take in the breathtaking vistas of the transforming trees and vines.

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area

With the escarpment jutting along its perimeter, Hamilton is the waterfall capital of Canada, and on fine place to explore in the fall months. Take the Civic out through Hamilton and tour through the picturesque little town of Ancaster. Stop at the Tiffany Falls Conservation Area, which is just a 400 m walk to the falls, with every step along the meandering little river as beautiful as the one before.

Prince Edward County

This up-and-coming cottage area has plenty to offer year round—beaches, great restaurants, boutique hotels, etc—but we prefer to visit in the fall when the crowds have died down and the weather is still warm. Cruise along the lakefront and fill your phone with images of the trees and lake.

Gananoque 1,000 Islands

If yours is a camping family, gear up and stay the weekend at Ivy Lea Campground in the 1,000 Islands. They’ve got amazing spots right on the St Lawrence River, with a couple of cute towns (Brockville and Ganonque) to visit and shop nearby. Make sure to bring your passport, because there’s an amazing tour of Boldt Castle you can take by boat on the American side.