The human appetite for imagery is at an all-time high. Don’t buck the trend, embrace it, and fire your own awesome photos of your Honda up on Facebook.

Whether you’re a full-blown amateur photographer with a collection of lenses and sticks (that’s photographer speak for tripod) and other gear, or just an iPhone user enthusiastic about your new Honda, there are a few ways to shoot it that will really bring it to life, guaranteed.

Here are five angles and tips sure to make your Honda break the Internet.

1. Set the scene

Consider this the ice breaker. Using a frontal wide as the first photo in your set will give the viewer perspective before w start launching into our detail shots. Don’t be afraid to tilt that camera! The skewed perspective gives the shot a great little punch of personality.

2. It’s all in the name

This is a great detail shot for most sedans…like your shiny new Honda Civic, for example. Because the back ends of these cars tend to be upright, this angle is great for showing off the lights as well as establishing the model.

3. In Reverse


Like our first shot, this rear wide will also help us give the viewer perspective. I will usually take a few steps over from the rear so to not shoot the car straight on. This shot in addition to our first, will also help the viewer establish the lines of the vehicle. It’s important to set the mood before we start shooting our click bait.


4. Made for Instagram

This is a great angle for most cars. It exposes the finer details of a vehicle, especially when the car has beautiful rims. When editing, don’t be afraid to play with your exposure and colour and saturation. The result is ripe for Instagram. #amiright?


5. In through the window

This one is a great introduction to the interior, taking the viewer in through the driver’s window, as if they’re climbing in to fire it up for the first time. Sometimes I’ll cut off the steering wheel is cut off ever so slightly, sometimes not. I’ll also switch up my settings to increase my depth of field to make this shot more dynamic.

What shots do you think we missed? Send us your best photo of your Honda via social media.