Another year, and yet another award for the class-leading Honda Accord. Much to the surprise of no one, Honda managed to clinch Car and Driver’s 10Best award for the 32nd time in a row, as well as earn this year’s North American Car of the Year Award.

As coveted and popular as the Honda Accord is, there are probably things you don’t know about it. Things that no other online review or magazine will mention, especially when it comes to service. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Honda Service:

What is Honda B1 Service?

B services are performed regularly and they include things like replacing oil and oil filters, fuel filters, inspecting front and rear brakes, etc. The 1 in B1 simply indicates that it’s also time to rotate the tires as well.


Can a Honda dealership service my Acura?

The long and short answer to this question is “YES.” Service work on Acura can be done at ANY Honda dealer.

What do the different Honda service codes mean?

The main code A indicates that it’s time for an oil change, while a code B indicates that you’ll also need to replace the oil filter, fuel filter, and inspect the brakes, in addition to changing the oil. A sub-code 1 after the letter (for instance B1) indicates that you’ll also need a tire rotation, while a sub-code 2 means you’re due for fuel tank and valve clearance inspection, as well as air cleaner element, dust/pollen filter, and fuel filter element replacement.

Where should I service my Honda?

A Honda dealership. As simple as that.


Is Honda Service plan worth it?

Only if you want to save money in the long run and increase your car’s longevity. With a Service plan, your costs won’t be affected by the constant fluctuation of parts and labor, and you’ll have the added benefit of getting Honda genuine replacement parts used by our technicians. It also increases residual values since you have a service book stamped by an official Honda dealership.

What is Honda Service Code B123?

If your car throws a B123 code up on the dash, it means you’ll have to get a regular B2 service done (check two answers above), as well as a parking brake adjustment, drive belt inspection, transmission fluid replacement, and a multi-point inspection.


What oil does Honda Service use?

Only genuine Honda oil, which is also available at any dealership. This synthetic low-viscosity oil has been specifically designed to increase fuel economy and the engine’s longevity.

How to reset maintenance required light?

If the light is on, it’s there for a reason and you need to come in for maintenance and have the car looked over by a technicians. At the end of the inspection, they’ll reset the maintenance required light for you. Or, in other words, we don’t advise you reset it yourself.