With the change of season comes the opportunity (or is it a responsibility?) to tidy up every aspect of your life: your finances, your house, and, of course, your Honda.

Getting that one deep clean before the season of soccer practices, weekend cottage getaways, and all the highway time the summer brings is a must.

Now, before we to the cleaning tips, let’s all be honest with ourselves: we just aren’t going to get the car as clean as the professionals will. It’s ok. You’re the best at that other thing, remember? Leaving the spring cleaning to the pros can be a fantastic way to start the season in the best possible shape.

Of course, you’re always welcome to check your vehicle into our Detailing Spa. Our experienced staff will get in all the cracks with an interior vacuum including the trunk, tire dressing application, an exterior wax, and more, making your Honda shine inside and out like the day you first got the keys.

But if you’re more of the DIY type, here’s how to clean your Honda like a pro (or, almost).

The right tools for the job

This is one of those jobs that you want to have the right equipment for—a small investment in the proper brushes, products and materials can make all the difference. Consider picking up a car cleaning kit, or visiting a drive-in car wash to use their shop vacuum and attachments.

Wash off all the salt

If you do only do one thing to clean your Honda each spring, make this it. Because salt eats everything—including cars—it needs to be removed. All of it. Use a pressure washer for the insensitive bits, and a brush and soapy water where necessary. It may require some elbow grease, but keeping your car rust-free is well worth it.

Tidy up

The thing with small spaces like cars, is that a very little bit of clutter can have a very chaotic effect. Take a few minutes this spring to pick up the bits of life’s detritus that’s been stuffed into cushions, jammed under seats, and neglected in the corner of the trunk for the last 11 months. You may be surprised how much cleaner your car will look after this, even before you’ve done any actual cleaning.

Find a shady spot 

Just as salt is a naturally occurring car-killer, so is the sunshine—especially when you’re in the act of cleaning. Whenever you’re dealing with chemicals on your car’s exterior, make sure you’re parked out of direct sunlight, or risk damaging the colour and finish.