Why Leasing is a Great Option

  • Don’t pay all the taxes upfront, pay the taxes as you pay for the vehicle
  • GAP protection
  • Guaranteed future value
  • Flexible terms and kilometre allowance
  • Drive a vehicle that is still under factory warranty
  • More vehicle for the same money
  • Keep you cash and invest your profit (RRSP’s, GIC’s, mortgage)
  • Lower cost of ownership (maintenance)
  • Take advantage of Honda’s Loyalty program
  • Add accessories at a lower cost
  • Confidence of driving the latest technologies and safety features
  • Savings associated with new technology
  • Ability to adapt to your lifestyle needs
  • Joy of new more often
  • Owe less than on a finance contract
  • Protect against depreciation due to an accident
  • Protect against negative equity due to market fluctuation
  • Protect against the vehicle being discontinued
  • Tax benefit if claimed for business use

Whether you’re looking to get out of your existing lease, or find a vehicle to take over, we’ll make it happen! Family Honda can easily find the right lease take over for you or get you out of your Honda lease early.

Lease to Own

If you would like more information on leasing, please let us know by filling the form