A campaign put on by my Honda Canada at a recent Blue Jays games had Honda drivers pulling out of the parking garage at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre feeling pretty good about their outing and their choice of vehicle.

On Canada Day, representatives of the brand surprised Honda drivers at the Blue Jays game with a free $30 parking pass, just for driving a Honda.

The initiative #HondaLovesYouBack was designed as a way for Honda to show its drivers just how much they mean to the brand. We’ve seen plenty of evidence as to the love drivers hold for their Hondas—Honda thought it high time to reciprocate the sentiment. Paying for Honda drivers’ parking, completely by surprise, is one way to do that.

The drivers drove up to the parking booth, cash or credit card in hand, only to be told that this one was on Honda.

“Parking is $30, but because you’re driving a Honda, it’s free,” said the host of the program and video to all the Honda drivers that rolled by the parking booth. You can probably guess the reaction:

“Wow! Are you kidding!?”

“I love my Honda!”

“Come here and give me a hug.”

“Really?! Oh, so awesome!”

It’s a heartwarming video, and a brilliant idea by Honda Canada. You can see the genuine gratitude and surprise on the faces of the drivers as they’re handed a free parking pass.