It has arrived. That time of year students celebrate and children dread. Back. To. School. Are you ready?

Regardless of how you feel about the sound of the looming toll of the bell, it’s time to prepare yourself, gathers supplies and soak in the summer moments. And while you’re getting your life ready for the classes and the commute, don’t forget your car.

Whether you’re dropping your kids off for their fist day of school or you’re heading off to your college dorm, here are six things you can do to get your car back-to-school ready.

Fit the right filter

We’re not talking about photo filters – although there is no harm in doing that too. Check the owner’s manual and see if your air filters need to be replaced, or consult a professional. And for the most part, if you can’t remember the last time it was changed, it’s probably time.

Check the pressure

Or rather make sure you check your tire pressure. Get out that good ‘ol trusty tire pressure gauge (it’s in the glovebox, remember?) and make sure they’re ready to go. Check the tires when they’re “cold” (AKA before you have driven or at least three hours after you’ve driven) for an accurate read. When properly inflated, your tires will last longer and help improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency as well.

Create a car survival kit

You never know when you’re going to need a wet wipe, a tissue, a band aid or even a snack. Stock up on those glovebox essentials. While you’re out and about shopping for back-to-school supplies, grab some items for your own custom car survival kit.

Clean, inside and out

Summer means long road trips, frequent trips to the pool and more outings in general. While all of these things are super exciting, they tend to mean that you’re spending more time at the beach than you are cleaning your car. Which, to be honest, is way more fun. Back to school season is a great time to reset, refresh and pressure wash the apple sauce off the rubber mats and bird droppings off the roof. However, if you’re too busy shopping for that Instagram-worthy picture day outfit, schedule an appointment at the Family Honda Detailing Spa and let us take care of the persistent piles of sand and white stains once and for all.

Brighten up

Now this may seem like an obvious one but, check your lights! Now that summer is over, and fall is in full swing the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Make sure you’re prepared for the next ten months of school and extracurricular activities by getting those lights working at full capacity. You can request a quote on your Honda headlight here.

Stock the DVD collection

Commuting to and from the school during rush hour can take what feels like forever. Between the early mornings, long days, other drivers constantly hitting their breaks for no apparent reason and your kids going crazy in the backseat, it can be a lot. To avoid pulling out your own hair, make sure you stock up on DVDs for the rear-seat entertainment system. Throwing on a film to keep the kids quiet on those already hectic mornings, will make life just that much easier.