mages via Honda UK. 

Most enthusiasts look at the Honda Civic Type R and see everything they ever wanted out of a compact performance car: smart use of space, great bang for your buck, unique looks and a motorsport-inspired driving experience.

For some British Honda lovers, however, that wasn’t quite enough.


We imagine the thought process behind this particular creation went something like this:

“You know, I really like the Type R, but I wish it could haul more stuff…”

“What, like a wagon version??”

“Nah, more like a pickup truck!”

And Project P was born.

Built by a team of Honda engineers at the UK manufacturing plant in Swindon, England, this very unique Type R trades its rear set of doors and the rear hatch for a diamond-plated cargo area. There is a roof bar with LED projectors for more visibility at night (and, we suspect, a little structural rigidity). The hinges of the trunk have been modified so the “tailgate” swings upward, and the huge wing that is now synonymous with the Type R can now move out of the way to make room for more cargo. According to Honda’s press shots, the Type R can fit a pair of Honda mowers in the back!Despite the splash the mashup has made online, Honda has no plans to put this beauty into production (bummer, we know…). Well, at least they made one for us all to gawk at