Timothy, Acton

I am writing to thank you for the excellent treatment my wife Denise and I received from Family Honda. Just days before our actual purchase, I talked to you both on the telephone and you both took time to carefully explain your way of doing business even if I wasn’t ready to buy a car. No sales pressure at all. When I was ready to actually buy the new Honda Pilot, I felt confident that we were talking with a businessman who treated us like fellow professionals—with respect. Even more impressive was Nicolas’ and Francesco’s integrity when they offered me the lowest price for the Honda Pilot Demonstrator model. It was the first time that I could say I enjoyed the car buying experience. I can’t think of an easier or more pleasant experience than the one my wife and I had with you last month. That’s because there hasn’t been one! You at Family Honda have surpassed all my expectations -purchasing the Pilot (Touring) that was more than what we hoped for. You actually stayed within our monthly price range too! (That doesn’t leave much room for dissatisfaction.) Thank you for your superior service and for completely changing my mind about car salesmen! You guys are AWESOME and I couldn’t be happier with my new Honda Pilot Touring! Wow! Thank you for all of your help, for the great service, and for being so nice! I think all car salesmen could use a lesson or two from you guys! We are now committed future buyers of the kind of vehicles you have in your auto group. We’ll eagerly anticipate returning in the years to come.

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