One of the most popular features on the new 2016 Accord is Apple CarPlay, and no wonder–it charges your phone, syncs with your music and texts and more. And it has Siri! Everyone loves Siri.

We thought we’d take it out for a spin around Brampton and get to know our robot best friend a little better. That Siri sure is a wily one, isn’t she?

Here’s what we noticed during our first spin with the Apple CarPlay in the 2016 Honda Accord from Family Honda.

“I’m testing out Apple CarPlay in this 2016 Honda Civic from Family Honda. I’m driving around Brampton, Ontario to see how beneficial it is to sync your iPhone so it appears on the touchscreen of your car. The first thing I notice is that the interface of Apple CarPlay is the exact same as on my phone.

You can access apps like your phone, its address book, text messages, AppleMaps, iTunes, Audiobooks, and Spotify. You can also download other aps for Apple CarPlay.

With all the expensive options these days for talking or texting while driving, Apple CarPlay is a great way to listen and respond to texts you get while driving.

If you use AppleMaps on your iPhone, you’re familiar with the way it tells you if there’s congestion on the roads ahead. Most GPSs don’t offer this feature.

You can listen to music one of two ways: get it through iTunes, or if you have a subscription to Spotify, you can listen to your music there.

One final awesome feature is that when you arrive at your destination, your phone will be fully charged because it has to be plugged in the entire time.”