The Honda HR-V has been a runaway success ever since it was launched in North America. Its small size, high riding height and fuel-efficient engine made it an instant darling amongst car shoppers. But, since the second-generation HR-V was launched in 2016, it is now due for some upgrades to keep it relevant in today’s market. Here’s what’s new for 2019:

The first thing you’ll notice on the 2019 Honda HR-V is the front: thanks to a more prominent chrome nose and LED headlamps, the little crossover now looks sharper and shows a stronger family link to the Civic and Accord. Inside, the most important change is the infotainment system; it now incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionalities, along with a volume knob (finally!).

Honda is proud to offer their suite of active-safety technologies, and from now on, every single model in the manufacturer’s lineup uses it to keep both drivers and passengers safe.

Two new trims have been added to the 2019 version of the HR-V: in addition to the LX, EX and EX-L, shoppers will now a Sport FWD, Sport AWD and Touring variant. While we don’t have the exact specs of these newcomers handy, we know that they will be visually different from the base HR-Vs.


Mechanically, the major change is the removal of the manual transmission that came standard in some versions. For 2019 onward, the only transmission available will be the automatic CVT gearbox.

Pricing has yet to be released for Canada, but we do have US numbers, so keep in mind that the following prices are in USD: the base-model FWD LX starts at $20,520. Adding all-wheel drive will bump up the price to $21,920. The aforementioned Sport variant starts a $22,220; the AWD model will be $23,620. Moving up, we find the FWD EX, which will cost $23,720 (or $25,120 for the all-wheel-drive EX). For the EX-L, the starting price will be $25,320; add $1,400 for the privilege of driving all four wheels. Finally, the range-topping Touring version has been added—only available with all-wheel drive, this model will start at $28,540.

Stay tuned for arrival dates and final pricing details on the 2019 Honda HR-V.